Why you should use Darwin Mail app?

Why you should use Darwin Mail app? In 2004, I got the beta invite of Gmail, and created my first email account after Yahoo mail. Now I have seven Gmail accounts. Fast forward. Then in 2014, Google Inbox beta got released and revolutionized the email app design. When it got released to the public in 2015, it was a great hit because of minimal design, loads of features and responsiveness. But Google thought to focus on Gmail to improve further and take it to next level. Though Google Inbox is dead, you can get all the Inbox-like experience using Darwin App.

What is Darwin Mail?

Joey Tawadrous is the maker of Darwin Mail which got released on April 2019 with similar features of Google Inbox. You could ask why to use Darwin Mail when there are apps like GMail, Outlook, Mail etc.

With Darwin Mail you will get Inbox-like experience and you can improve your productivity using the features like Bundles, Snooze, Bulk Actions, Dark Mode, Reminders, Undo Send, Templates, Signatures and so on.

Another reason is: Darwin Mail has a FREE tier with basic features.

Why you should use Darwin Mail app?
Why you should use Darwin Mail app?

Why you should use Darwin Mail app?

The main aspect of Darwin Mail is privacy. They do not store your data in their servers. Once you log out, all the data goes away from the session.

They do not sell your data such as usage, personal data etc to any third parties.

All the requests are on HTTPS. Lots of new features will be added frequently.

Check out their public road map in here.

Basic Core Features

  • Get your Google Inbox back!
  • Secure & encrypted HTTPS connection.
  • Manage unlimited emails
  • Snooze Emails
  • Update your signature
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Email word count
  • Advanced search
  • 24 hour support

Pro Features

  • 7 Day FREE TRIAL
  • Bundles
  • Reminders
  • Bulk Actions
  • Templates
  • Undo send
  • Dark mode
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Distraction free email mode
  • Multiple accounts (coming soon)
  • Priority support

Multiple accounts is the most wanted feature where you can add all your compatible email accounts and check everything in one place.

Occasionally, you will get email from the founder who is generously offer you the special lifetime discount code especially for you.

Below is the recent email I got it from Joey.

Darwin Mail App
Darwin Mail App


Darwin Mail app comes with three plans: Free, Pro Lite, Pro Plus, and Lifetime Pro.

Pro Lite costs you $3 per month.

Pro Plus costs you $25 per year.

Lifetime Pro plan will cost you $99 one time. (Recommended)

Your turn: Sign up for a free, then upgrade to the Pro plan if you like it and share us your experience.

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Why you should use Darwin Mail app?

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