What’s new in Mozilla Firefox 71.0?

Today, Mozilla has released its next iteration of Firefox browser across multiple channels. The latest version is 71.0 now available to download independently or you can update your browser manually by launching About Firefox dialog box. This blog post will give you an overview of what’s new in Mozilla Firefox 71.0

How to download Mozilla Firefox?

Go to https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/ and click on Download Now button. Firefox is available for various platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux, also available for Android and iOS devices.

If you are using earlier versions of Firefox, you can update it by navigating Open Menu > Help > About Firefox in Windows platform.

What’s new in Mozilla Firefox 71.0?

Complete list of release note and other details are available in this page.

Kiosk Mode

Firefox now supports kiosk mode for enterprise versions. But you can also launch Firefox in kiosk mode. Kiosk mode is totally different from the full-screen mode. In Full-screen, you can toggle between the normal view and full-screen view, but it is not possible in kiosk mode.

How to launch Firefox in kiosk mode?

Right click on the Firefox icon, go to Properties in Windows. Select Shortcut tab as shown below.

In the Target textbox, append --kiosk keyword at the end.

What’s new in Mozilla Firefox 71.0? – Kiosk Mode

If you want to launch a website upon launching in the kiosk mode, append the URL as well.

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" --kiosk https://dealsrookie.com

Below is the screenshot of DealsRookie in the kiosk mode.

Kiosk Mode Demo


Now you can watch videos in picture-in-picture mode. Picture-in-Picture allows you to watch video in a separate container. Basically it is a productivity power up while browsing in Firefox. You can do multitasking without sacrificing your work space.

It is only available for Windows OS, eventually will be available for Mac OS.

Enhanced Tracking Protection

By default, Firefox blocks trackers, but now Firefox will notify you if it encounters cryptominers.

You can see the stats by clicking on the Shield icon (just left to the address bar).


Lockwise is from Mozilla which remembers your credentials and more. Now it supports, subdomain and automatically fills domain logins in Firefox from Lockwise.

Other features/fixes

Native MP3 decoding on Windows, Linux, and macOS

Multiple security fixes

Revamped about:config page.

Integrated breach alerts from Firefox Monitor are now available to users with screen readers.

For Developers

DevTools’ Network Panel traces Web Sockets calls and prettify it.

In Console pane, by pressing Ctrl + B brings up the multi-line editor.

Network Panel now offers Request Blocking to simulate the impact of tracking requests, security, service outage etc.

Improvements made to the website certificate viewer; now it displays more information.

Various improvements have been made to Extensions API and Extension popup windows now include the extension name instead of extension URL.

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What's new in Mozilla Firefox 71.0?

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