Sticky Password Premium Lifetime Deal for $39

Sticky Password Premium Lifetime Deal for $39 It is really hard to keep remembering usernames and passwords. Every day you sign up for a new product or service, and login umpteen times to check your email, book a meeting, check the balance in your bank, pay due to your credit cards. Login forms are everywhere, there is also an option “Forgot username/password”. What if I tell you that there is an easy way to login hassle-free with couple clicks and to secure your credentials in a powerful way. Introducing Sticky Password.

What is Sticky Password?

It is a password manager where you can store all your credentials securely and auto fill in the right fields.

It helps you to manage all your credentials, generate passwords, bio-metrics authentication, cloud sync across devices etc.

Click here to purchase Sticky Password Lifetime Deal

Sticky Password Premium Lifetime Deal for $39

What do you get in this deal?

Unlimited encrypted password and data storage.

Automatic form‑filling and auto login.

Superstrong password generator.

Secure digital wallet.

Secure notes.

2‑factor authentication.

Biometric authentication.

USB portable version (Windows).

For all your devices & browsers.

Cloud and local WiFi sync across all your devices.

Secure cloud backup for your passwords and data.

Secure password sharing.

Saving endangered manatees.

Priority support.

Click here to purchase Sticky Password Lifetime Deal

Closing note: Even though there are free password managers out there, it will come up with a catch. But you can stick to Sticky Password as your primary password manager.

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Sticky Password Premium Lifetime Deal for $39

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