Remove background from images using Trace

Remove background from images using Trace Removing background from images could be a tedious tasks. Either you get a messy background using freeware or you should buy a professional software or you end up in hiring a software professional. What would you say you can remove the background hassle-free perfectly within few clicks? I know, you would say “yay!”. Today’s blog post will present you about the features of Sticker Mule’s Trace web application.

What is Trace?

Trace is a web application developed by Sticker Mule an online store where you can order custom stickers, magnets, labels and much more by uploading your art work.

Trace will help you to remove the background from the image and customize the background with color or image or you can make it transparent.

I used Sticker Mule for QAInsights laptop sticker a while ago. Quality of the stickers are awesome. They will be running deals frequently, make sure you sign up using my invite link.

How to remove background from images using Trace?

Remove background from images using Trace
Remove background from images using Trace
  • Select the photo which you would like to remove the background

Below is the image that I uploaded.

Original Image
Original Image

After Trace’s magic, below is the transparent image.

Transparent Image
Transparent Image

If you want to customize the background with the colors or the other image, you can simply click on the Colors and Images option as shown below. After the changes, hit Download button to download your image.

After the changes, you can order the prints as well from the app. Beautiful isn’t it?

Your customized image will be there for 1 week to download then it gets expired. You can copy the image link and save it in your notes to download again.


  1. Its free to use
  2. Very easy to remove the background
  3. Very fast and responsive web app to remove the backgrounds.
  4. Custom Color background
  5. You can add the images to your original photo. E.g. for you portrait, you could add a natural scenery to blend
  6. Easy to order the prints after removing the background from Trace application


  1. You need to create an account with Sticker Mule to remove the background
  2. You cannot move, scale, crop or rotate in the Trace Editor
  3. Custom background image is not possible
  4. You can upload an image (PNG or JPEG format) which has up to 12 megabytes of size

Important Note:

Please make sure you read about Sticker Mule’s privacy policy, terms and conditions etc.

You could give a try Trace to remove the background quickly and customize it with colors and images.

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Remove background from images using Trace

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