Let’s Yap Friends

Let’s Yap Friends You are familiar with famous social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc; you are also familiar with the most widely used chat services such as Messenger, WhatsApp etc; you are also familiar with professional online collaboration tools such as Slack, Google Meet etc. I am sure you are using Snapchat, Twitch platforms. Why I am listing about the services which you are already knew? There is a new sheriff in the town called Yap.

What is Yap?

Yap is a new online chat room for the participants up to six. If you are paying attention in the chat room, the messages will appear, else it will disappear as you types them quickly. After you create a room, you can invite others (to see about the conversation), insert medias etc.

Meaning of yap is give a sharp, shrill bark.

Let’s Yap chat now

Visit https://yap.chat, and fill in the details as shown below. All you need to enter is your name, what are you talking about, room mode, and the room color. You can enter your custom code as I entered below. To create a room, click on go.

Yap Create Chat Room

After clicking on go button, you will get a unique URL for your chat room e.g. https://yap.chat/tZ-ms-HWsh. Below is the room view, you could see the menu at the top right, your name in the top left and how many folks are yapping.

At the bottom left, you can type your message and press enter. At the right side, you can insert the media.

To invite, other folks, you can click on Invite link to grab the URL and share.

Lets Yap Friends
Chat Room

Below is the GIF recording of Yap with two participants. On the left who started the chat, on the right who got the invite and joined. As you see, the message from each participant will be overridden i.e. the chat window will have only the latest message.

You can broadcast the chat to public, by grabbing the public URL e.g. https://yap.chat/aJxLSVe3MQ

Viewers can view what’s going on in the chat room real time. Admin can block the user, insert media which participants cannot do.

Basically it is like a twitter with the 6 participants and limited in terms of message log, media, 140 characters, and more admin capabilities.

Yap is very light weight chat system which will be ideal for real quick conversations between friends, family and co-workers.

Disadvantages of Yap

  • No logs
  • No advanced editing feature
  • No file sharing
  • No undo actions
  • Limited participants
  • No export options
  • No chat history
  • and so on on on

Advantages of Yap

  • Cool name and domain
  • Light weight
  • Quick and responsive
  • Intuitive UI
  • Chat room will be ready in few clicks
  • Free
  • No ads
  • and so on on on

Who designed this?

Yap chat app is designed by famous Postlight, an award-winning design company based out of New York.

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Lets Yap Friends

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