HyperX Pulse Fire Dart – Wireless Mouse – Qi Charging

HyperX Pulse Fire Dart – Wireless Mouse – Qi Charging Today HyperX released HyperX Pulse Fire Dart mouse with wireless capability, RGB lighting, and importantly Qi charging. If you are an avid gamer with wireless charging pad, then this mouse is for you.

Features of HyperX Pulse Fire Dart

This gaming mouse is packed with the features such as: Qi charging where you can charge your mouse wireless using compatible pads, RGB lighting, 6 customizable buttons, and importantly it can withstand 50 hrs of charging.

Click here to buy for $99.99 only

HyperX Pulse Fire Dart
HyperX Pulse Fire Dart – Wireless Mouse – Qi Charging

It is compatible with PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It has the optical sensor of Pixart 3389 and comes with the DPI range up to 16000.

Inches Per Second of this mouse is 450 and Polling rate is 1000Hz i.e. 1 millisecond.

HyperX also released the charging pad for your mouse and other compatible devices such as HyperX headphones.

HyperX ChargePlay Base
HyperX ChargePlay Base

Click here to buy HyperX ChargePlay Base for $59.99

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