How to shop during Black Friday?

Once Halloween kicks off, online retailers, brick and mortars, and any other sort of sellers will release loads of deals to consumers till Christmas and New Year. Most of the consumers’ purchase would be impulse. This blog post will enlighten about how to shop during Black Friday.

Holiday seasons ads, marketing, targeted ads in social media start at least six weeks before Thanks Giving and it will go on till New Year. You inbox would have flooded with your favorite retailers’ emails, newsletters, special deals etc. You would have subscribed to umpteen deal notifications. But all you need is a perfect plan to purchase your desired products hassle-free. Below are the best practices, tips, and tricks for better shopping experience.

How to shop during Black Friday?
How to shop during Black Friday?

Rule #1 – Try to shop online

Shopping at stores would be fun, but 99% of the deals will be available online. No need to stand in the queue, no need to rush up to the aisle, no need to stand again in the check out lane etc. You can save all your energy by simply clicking checkout or buy now button.

Shopping online has its own cons such as website overload, items might go out-of-stock quickly etc. But if you plan well, you can do hassle-free shopping by staying online.

Rule #2 – Update your browsers

Always update your web browser version to its latest. Most of the online retailers would have upgraded their web technologies, hardware, micro-services, database etc. Updating your browser versions will help you to support their tech stack. Also, update your mobile OS and apps.

Rule #3 – Choose your web browsers wisely

Not all browsers perfect for online shopping. My favorite browser is Firefox, because it is fast and not-resource hungry. Many of us uses Chrome browser for its light-weight. Also, you can try Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based browser) stable version for faster browsing experience. There are other browsers such as Opera, Vivaldi, Brave etc., that you could try and get a hands-on before Black Friday shopping.

Rule #4 – Install only relevant add-ons/extensions

Do not overload your browser by installing heavy weight themes and extensions or add-ons. You can start your browser without loading extensions/add-ons for faster performance.

I prefer to install Rakuten extension/add-on to get cashback for your online purchase. If you use my link, you will get $10 extra for your first purchase (new customers).

Rule #5 – Clear Everything

Before you begin shopping, clear out the following (at your own risk), this will help you to clear the past cookie info, trackers etc.

  • Cookies
  • Cache
  • Temporary files
  • Browser History
Rule #5 - Clear Everything
Rule #5 – Clear Everything

After clearing everything, visit the retailers’ website where you would like to purchase via Google and login into your account. This will save your time and improves your shopping performance.

Rule #6 – Check your credit card offers

Almost all the credit cards offers its customer a special deal if you use their credit card for your purchase. American Express is known for throwing lots of deals for Amazon purchase. Always add the offers to your credit card and spend the right credit card for your purchase online.

 How to shop during Black Friday? - Credit Card Selection
How to shop during Black Friday? – Credit Card Selection

Rule #7 – Multiple Monitors

If you have dual or multiple monitor setup, it will help you to improve your productivity. In one monitor, you can shop in one store, and in another screen you could search for other deals. I use Microsoft PowerToys for multiple monitor windows management.

Rule #7 - Multiple Monitors
Rule #7 – Multiple Monitors

Rule #8 – Make a list with backup plan

Always make a list of products that you are planning to purchase. Do not buy things that you do not need/want, just because it is available for cheaper price. This will save your pocket and credit card utilization.

Rule #8 - Make a list with backup plan
Rule #8 – Make a list with backup plan

Rule #9 – Shop using mobile apps

Retailers offers some extra discounts or special deals if you shop at their mobile apps. If you are in web, try to check out from mobile app as well. Also, mobile app traffic could be less than web traffic.

Rule #9 - Shop using mobile apps
Rule #9 – Shop using mobile apps

Rule #10 – Save your receipts

If you are shopping in stores, always save your receipts and research about returns’ terms and conditions. Usually, returns will be accepted till New Year I guess. Most of the stores offers free returns and they might demand the purchase receipt. Store your receipts in your safe, till you are satisfied with your purchase.

 Save your receipts
Save your receipts

Rule #10 – Read the fine prints

Most of us don’t read fine prints. But please make sure you read it before you purchase any premium products. Fine prints will have the most important details such as restocking fee, products that are eligible, number of purchases per household, any other combined deals etc.

Rule #10 - Read the fine prints
Rule #10 – Read the fine prints

Rule #11 – If you miss the ship, do not worry

During Black Friday chaos, if your desired product went out-of-stock or not-available anymore, do not give up. Look out whether that product can be back-ordered, or wait till Cyber Monday. Some of the best deals will come up again due to the demand. Never ever give up.


Above best practices, tips, and tricks are just from my five years of Black Friday shopping experience. If you have any other tips, please comment it below.

Happy shopping!

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How to shop during Black Friday?

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