Google’s NEW shortcut now available as TLD

Google’s NEW shortcut now available as TLD | I love shortcut. You love shortcut. Everyone love shortcut. But there is no shortcut to success. A year ago Google Suite announced bunch of .new shortcuts for its docs, slides, sheets with,, and respectively. Google now announced, .new can be registered by public where you can create actionable workflow for your users.

What is new in .new TLD?

Top Level Domain is what you read after a dot e.g. has a TLD of com.

.new enables your site visitors to take an action or workflow when they visit. E.g. if you want to create a new google document, you can simply visit where you will see a new google document (default Google account), if you have not already logged in, it will redirect you to Google login page.

Google's NEW shortcut now available as TLD
Google’s NEW shortcut now available as TLD

.new Shortcuts

Official Definition of .new

.new is a domain extension exclusively for performing new actions online: any act that leads to creation can have a quick and memorable .new shortcut associated with it. Help your customers take action faster.

Less time clicking means more time creating.

Why .new?

.new link will help your site visitors and customers to remember and comes handy. Instead of typing the full URL or searching, you simply enter the .new shortcut.

By default, .new is secured by default. Because .new TLD is already added to HSTS preload list, making HTTPS required on all connections.

Can anyone register for .new?

Google defined certain policies that you need to adhere before procuring the .new TLD.

The URL of .new must be for action generation or online creation workflow, if it is performing or displaying other pages, your domain may be terminated.

Below are the requirements from Google registry. I suggest you to visit website to stay up-to date.

  • That .new is a namespace for action generation or online creation flow;
  • That all .new domains must bring the user directly into an action generation or online creation flow;
  • That enforcement action including termination may be taken for a domain name that is being used in a manner inconsistent with the .new Action Domains Requirements;
  • Any .new domain must be compliant no more than 100 days from the date of registration; and
  • A link to the .new Domain Registration Policy and other resources provided by Google Registry indicating that users can find the full Action Domains Requirements and more information about enforcement by following the link.

Apart from above requirements, below are the HTTPS requirements:

  • That .new is a secure namespace:
  • The requirement to configure HTTPS serving so that browsers can load .new websites; and
  • Resources about configuring HTTPS and obtaining an SSL certificate
    • Information may be linked as part of an external or internal website or window, and
    • Registrars may provide their own information about configuring HTTPS browsing or link to third party resources

Important Note: Google Registry will waive enforcement of the .new Registration Policy for domains in their first 100 days of registration, as long as those domains do not resolve.


  • Sunrise | October 15, 2019 – January 14, 2020
  • Limited Registration Period | December 2, 2019 – July, 2020
  • General Availability | July 21, 2020 onwards


Not available, but it will be expensive. E.g. domain cost is $452.13/year.

Useful Links!/

Your take? Are you going to purchase .new TLD for your next project? Please let us know your comments.

Google's NEW shortcut now available as TLD

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