CloudMounter For Windows and Mac – Lifetime Deal

CloudMounter For Windows and Mac – Lifetime Deal. We run out of space in our desktop and/or laptop. But cloud is infinity. There are unlimited space available and most of the services offers free space, e.g. Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox etc. This featured lifetime deal will help you to mount the cloud drive to your local computer.

What is CloudMounter?

Assume that you have a Google Drive free account which offers 15GB. You kept all your documents, music, few video files. But you need to install Google Drive Backup and Sync software in your computer to sync your contents. Also, you have One Drive account, again you need to install OneDrive software. But it is a mundane activity. Here comes the savior: CloudMounter.

CloudMounter works on Windows and Mac OS. But you need to get the CloudMounter separately.

Click here to purchase CloudMounter for Windows – $19$44.95

Click here to purchase CloudMounter for Mac – $19$44.95

CloudMounter For Windows – Lifetime Deal

CloudMounter helps you to mount the cloud services, just like your hard disk, so that you can work without maintaining multiple software like Google Backup and Sync, OneDrive etc.

You can see the respective cloud mounter in your Explorer window to work seamlessly.

CloudMounter For Mac – Lifetime Deal

What do you get in this deal?

Length of access: lifetime

Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase

Includes all major and minor updates

Access option: desktop

Max number of devices: 1

Version: 1.5.1105

You can integrate Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS S3, and OneDrive. Cloud icon status helps you to identify the uploaded status. If you want CloudMounter for Windows and Mac, you need to purchase both the versions.

Click here to purchase CloudMounter for Windows – $19$44.95

Click here to purchase CloudMounter for Mac – $19$44.95

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