Boost your bookmarks with Qlearly Lifetime Deal

Boost your bookmarks with Qlearly Lifetime Deal|I automate stuffs. I don’t want to perform tasks repeatedly. The same holds for bookmarks. I want to reach my frequently used websites directly from the browser, instead of taking the route from Google or Bing search engines. I stumbled upon this excellent bookmark manager called Qlearly and luckily I was able to grab the lifetime deal directly in I am going to present about Qlearly features and how it will help you to boost your bookmark productivity and much more.

What is Qlearly?

Your favorite browser will have its own bookmark manager where you can manage all your bookmarked URLs, search, create folders and arrange it etc. But what if the bookmarks is in the form of columns and boards. That is called Qlearly.

It is not only about bookmarks in Qlearly, clearly it is much more. To-do, Dark theme, Boards, to name a few.

Before we see the features of Qlearly, why not to see about how to grab this lifetime deal from Stack Social.

Checkout Qlearly Lifetime Deal

  • Go to this deal link (expiring in 5 days)
  • Choose your preferred deal type, I prefer Premium Lifetime Subscription plan which will cost you just $20
  • Click on Add to Cart and complete the order

Why Qlearly?

Qlearly as of today it supports Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers where you need to install the respective add-on/extension. After installation, you can login into Qlearly and start importing your existing bookmarks or you can start a fresh.

Below is the Profile view of Qlearly where you can set the theme, tabs, links configuration. Also you can see all the keyboard shortcuts by pressing Shift + A

Boost your bookmarks with Qlearly Lifetime Deal

Below is the snapshot of Qlearly Home. You can create Unlimited boards and mark it as favorite. You can manage your boards, share the boards, import/export, and duplicate the boards.

Add a Board

Below is one of my board where I visit my blogs daily to post articles. You can have more links to each board and column and maintain them hassle-free.

Board & Columns

Searching the links or favorites is quicker and also you can search in Google without visiting the Google website. You can create your tasks, to-do, notes from the board itself without using other tools.

To-Do, Tasks, Notes and more

Arranging the boards, columns, links are seamless, just drag and arrange them.

You can sync all your changes in more than one browser. Login into one browser, add bookmarks or make some changes to your boards, you can see the change in the other browser as well.

Qlearly Features

  • Organize your favorite websites by columns & boards
  • Stop wasting time looking for tabs or bookmarks
  • Sync your bookmarks across multiple devices
  • Save all or a handful of your tabs to a specific column w/ a click
  • Search through your boards quickly w/ built-in search
  • Collaborate privately w/ your teammates, as well as publicly by creating a shareable link

Deal Details

  1. Redemption: must redeem within 30 days of purchase
  2. Length of access: lifetime
  3. Version 2.5
  4. Updates included
  5. No ads
  6. Device syncing
  7. Unlimited boards
  8. 5 teammates
  9. Priority support

Your turn: Do you use any other bookmark manager tool? Please let us know in the comments.

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Boost your bookmarks with Qlearly Lifetime Deal

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