All new Amazon Echo Devices

All new Amazon Echo Devices Today is the big day for Amazon and those who loves Alexa. Amazon introduced more than 10 products starting from Amazon Echo to brand new Echo Glasses, Echo Loop etc. Read further to know more about all new Amazon Echo devices.

Complete list of all new Amazon Echo Devices

  1. All New Echo
  2. Echo Flex
  3. Echo Dot with Clock
  4. Echo Show 8
  5. Echo Studio
  6. Echo Buds
  7. Day 1 Edition : Echo Frames
  8. Day 1 Edition : Echo Loop
  9. Echo Glow
  10. Ring Stick up cam
  11. Ring Stick Up Cam Elite Power
  12. Ring Indoor Cam
  13. Smart Oven
  14. Eero Mesh WiFi Router

All the new Echo devices are available for pre-order starting today and will start shipping later this year.

All new Echo

This is the all new Echo with new premium speakers powered by Dolby for premium sound. Priced at $99 and available for Pre-Order now.

All new Amazon Echo Devices –

Check it out All new Echo

Echo Flex

Affordable price range of $24.99 where you can plug it in your outlet to connect with your Alexa compatible devices. It comes with USB port and with optional accessory of night light and motion sensor.

Check it out Echo Flex

Echo Dot with Clock

Echo Dot has been refreshed with the clock where you can set the alarm and snooze. It does shows outdoor temperature and timers. Available to pre-order for $59.99.

Check it out Echo Dot with Clock

Echo Show 8

Echo Show also got refreshed with 8″ screen. HD display with smartness and stereo sound. Priced at $129.99.

Check it out Echo Show 8

Echo Studio

Here comes the beast. Powerful, High-fidelity, 3D sound with Alexa. Built-in 5 speakers, powerful bass, crystal clear sound etc. Priced at $199.99. Excellent addition for your Fire TV.

Pre-Order now

Echo Buds

This is the AirPod killer I believe. Powered by Boss technology known for industry standard noise cancelling feature is priced at just $129.99.

Introductory Limited-Time offer: Enjoy a free 3-month Audible trial with your Echo Buds.

Check it out Echo Buds

Day 1 Edition : Echo Frames

Invitation only product. All new Echo Frames, it is a wearable priced at $179.99. All day eye glasses with hands-free Alexa.

Request your invitation here

Day 1 Edition : Echo Loop

Invitation only product. All new Echo Loop, again it is a wearable priced at $129.99. Basically it is a smart ring. Alexa will be at your finger tip.

Request your invitation here

Echo Glow

An another Alexa product targeting kids. It is a multi-color lamp for kids. Powered by Alexa. Certified for Humans – Struggle-free, tinker-free, stress-free.

Pre-Order now for $29.99

Smart Oven

Another product targeting family. Alexa powered smart oven. It is a 4-in-1 convection oven, microwave, air fryer, and food warmer.

Amazon Smart Oven in a kitchen

Pre-order now for $249.99

Eero Mesh WiFi Router

Just for $99 which brings you fast WiFi to your home. Works with Alexa. Under 10 minutes, you will be up and running.

Buy now for $99

Ring Stick Up Cam

HD Security Cam, this works with Alexa. Powered by Battery or Solar Panel for your security.

New Ring devices

Pre-Order now for $99

Ring Indoor Cam

This is an indoor cam to monitor indoor activities, to see, to speak using select Echo devices.

Buy now at $59.99

Ring Stick Up Cam Elite Power

Two-way talk, night vision, powered by Alexa. This works over Ethernet, works with select Echo devices.

Available by this end of the year.


Apart from the above products, Amazon also announced Retrofit Alarm Kit for $199, and Ring Alarm Hub for $375.

New Ring devices

Pet Tracker called Fetch for your pets where you can geo-fence it and monitor the movement within the range and beyond. Side Walk – long range network i.e. beyond your WiFi and Bluetooth range. It is a new protocol works in free 900MHz radio spectrum. You can control IOT, Bluetooth etc. Details are yet to release.

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All new Amazon Echo Devices

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