Add Samuel L. Jackson voice to your Echo

Add Samuel L. Jackson voice to your Echo Couple days ago Amazon has announced more than 10 products from Echo Loop to Echo Frames, from Echo Dot to Echo Show etc. Surprisingly, Amazon will be start earning using celebrity voices. Actually it is a skill that talks to you in your favorite celebrity. To get started in the celebrity voice industry for IoT devices, you can start your pre-order Samuel L. Jackson voice in

Add Samuel L. Jackson voice to your Echo

How it works?

By default, Amazon Echo devices talks in a pleasant female voice, which is embedded in the Alexa core engine. If you want to hear the celebrity voice in this case Samuel L Jackson voice, you need to purchase his voice. Basically it is a skill that you purchase and invoke it.

Alexa CommandAlexa Command to get Sam’s voice
“Alexa, set an alarm for tomorrow at 7am.”“Alexa, ask Sam to set an alarm for tomorrow at 7am.”
“Alexa, sing happy birthday.”“Alexa, ask Sam Jackson to sing happy birthday.”

If you read both the commands, you are adding a proxy to instruct Alexa to respond in Sam’s voice. It is like, instead of commanding your assistant, you are commanding your assistant’s assistant. Hope you got my analogy.

I feel that it is a overkill unless you want your favorite celebrity’s voice to hear in your everyday life.

How to add Samuel L. Jackson voice to your Echo?

You can pre-order this skill for just $0.99. It is going to be released by December 2019.

Click here to pre-order

You need to tell “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson” to confirm your purchase.

You can toggle the explicit content as well.

The skill works for music, weather, shopping lists, and more.

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Add Samuel L. Jackson voice to your Echo

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