A guide to Firefox Private Network

A guide to Firefox Private Network We all yearn for free Wi-Fi, if our cellular data reception is poor, or you run out of your monthly data allowance, or your cellular plan is way too expensive. You get free Wi-Fi at Starbucks, Airports, Walmart, and the list goes on and on. Free Wi-Fi comes with the catch of privacy and security. There is a high probability that your connection might not be secure and hackers can eavesdrop on you. This blog post is a guide to Firefox Private Network where you can leverage the Firefox extension for your browsing session, so that your connection is secured and private.

What is Firefox Private Network?

My favorite browser is Firefox, and I have been using it since 2011. The main reason of my default browser (Firefox) is: faster, secured, and lighter for my system resource utilization. Couple months ago, Mozilla announced Firefox Private Network, a Firefox extension to secure and protect the connection if you are using Firefox browser with the Firefox Private Network extension enabled.

How to enable this extension?

The prerequisite to add this extension is, you need to use latest version of Firefox and head to this link.

Click on Add to Firefox button.

Once the extension is added, you can click on the icon, you can see the status of your connection. You can toggle the connection ON/OFF by clicking on the icon.

Firefox Private Network
Firefox Private Network

Once the extension is ON, your session will be secured and the location is hidden from websites and trackers. This will enable you to avoid the targeted ads. This Private Network is powered by Cloudflare technology.

Do we need to pay for this service?

At this time of writing, Private Network is a beta service and it is available for anyone to add it to Firefox. It will be available only for US and free for a limited time.

Once the beta is done, Mozilla will announce the paid version of VPN service. But if you are a beta user, you will get 12 hours of Private Network in the form of four three-hour passes. Three hours session will be non-stop; you cannot break your usage.

If you are beta user of Private Network, you will automatically converted from Private Network to the new VPN service.

What does premium version offers?

From the recent blog post from Mozilla, the premium version of Private Network offers full protection for the device and option to change the server location using 39 countries.

Mozilla yet to announce the collaboration partner (likely Cloudflare), price, and other features.

My take

Mozilla will offer two services: Private Network and VPN. Private Network will have a free flavor for your browser where as VPN will have a premium features and secures the connection and protect the device.

I suggest you to join the beta now and enjoy the passes for the upcoming offerings. Check the price of Mozilla VPN, if it is affordable you can opt-in, else you can still enjoy the free passes. Four 3-hour passes will not be sufficient, but something is better than nothing.

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A guide to Firefox Private Network

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